Mundos Investments has garnered significant media attention through appearances on various TV shows, interviews, and podcasts. Our presence in the media underscores our commitment to transparency, communication, and PR expertise.

From insightful interviews on leading business channels to thought-provoking discussions on popular podcasts, we have leveraged these platforms to share our expertise, insights, and perspectives on entrepreneurship, investments, and the global business landscape.

These media mentions not only amplify our brand visibility but also serve as a testament to our thought leadership and industry influence. As we continue to expand our reach and engage with audiences worldwide, our media presence remains a cornerstone of our communication strategy, reinforcing our position as a trusted advisor and partner in success.

Here are some important media mentions:

Mundos Investments


Episode 257 on Podnicast


Let’s talk business on Startitup

Our Projects


Let’s talk business by Startitup

TV appearance

Jama Levova on TV Markíza

Mundos Investments is a very socially active and media friendly company, with our projects not shying away from the spotlight.