At Mundos Investments, we are proud to represent a diverse portfolio of projects spanning multiple sectors and geographic regions.

From innovative startups to established enterprises, our current projects originate from, are based in, or operate in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Switzerland, with many other countries in negotiations.

Each project benefits from our tailored suite of services, customised to meet their unique needs and objectives. With our extensive expertise and global reach, Mundos Investments stands as a trusted partner for projects across a wide range of sectors, empowering them to achieve their full potential and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.


A mobile application from Slovakia

Zoberma is a taxi service company operating in Slovakia, providing a platform that connects drivers and passengers. It offers an innovative approach to traditional taxi services by enabling customers to order rides through a mobile application. This app enhances the convenience, transparency, and efficiency of booking taxis, showing real-time availability and allowing users to choose their drivers based on various criteria. Zoberma aims to cover a wide geographic area within Slovakia, making transportation accessible and reliable across multiple cities. The company focuses on both customer and driver satisfaction and is continuously working to expand its services and improve user experience.

Mundos Investments is responsible for overall project management, investment acquisition, financial processes and marketing strategy.

An online platform from Switzerland is an innovative online platform designed to facilitate cash-free tipping in the service industry, including restaurants, bars, and barbershops. It provides a convenient way for customers to offer gratuities directly to service providers using digital payment methods as well as add positive reviews of their experiences. This system not only enhances the tipping experience but also supports better financial tracking and management for recipients.

Mundos Investments has an exclusive license for Slovakia and Croatia and is responsible for marketing and sales of this platform’s service.

Fish Delish

A fish street food franchise from Croatia

Fish Delish is a brand established in 2020 in Croatia, focusing on innovative and creative seafood dishes, emphasising quality. It offers a range of seafood-based meals including various types of fish burgers, cold and hot shrimp, octopus dishes, and more. Fish Delish has grown rapidly, already expanding to several franchise locations, providing comprehensive franchise support including employee training, site selection, logistical, and marketing support.

Mundos Investments has an exclusive license to promote the franchise in Slovakia and Czech Republic and is responsible for complete project management, investment acquisition and marketing strategy.

Whether it’s providing comprehensive strategic guidance to a tech startup in Slovakia, assisting a manufacturing company in the Czech Republic with investment management, supporting a food tourism venture from Croatia with marketing strategy, or licensing a digital platform from Switzerland for market expansion, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our representation.