Mundos Investments takes pride in its numerous success stories, where our strategic guidance and unwavering support have propelled projects to remarkable heights.

From groundbreaking startups to established enterprises, our portfolio boasts a plethora of success stories across various sectors and geographies. Whether it’s the transformation of a struggling startup into a market leader, the successful expansion of a small business into new markets, or the lucrative exit of an investment yielding substantial returns, each success story is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

These achievements stand as shining examples of the tangible impact Mundos Investments has made in empowering entrepreneurs, fostering growth, and creating lasting value for our clients and partners.


The story of Zoberma

Zoberma was created in December 2020 by Ing. Matej Mušák, an ambitious IT specialist from Žilina. His vision was to create a mobile app to help local taxi drivers receive orders, but with fair conditions for their hard work. The beginning was tough, but Matej managed to create an impressive app all by himself, which he then started to offer to local taxi companies. However, after two years of development, attempts to secure funding for marketing and countless hours of hard work to promote the Zoberma brand, he got stuck and considered ending the project for good.

At that time, in March 2023, one of the founders of Mundos Investments met Matej and saw the potential this project has, if it is handled the right way. After several meetings between the soon-to-be partners it was clear, that there is a way to recalibrate several aspects of the project and thus open the door for its vision to become a reality. Mundos Investments became a minority share holder in the company Zoberma, s.r.o. with clear intention to secure funding, launch a nationwide marketing campaign and restart the project from ground up.

After 3 months of preparation, one of the founders of Mundos Investments represented Zoberma on the TV show Jama Levova on TV Markíza (a Slovak Shark Tank) to promote the project and hopefully find a strategic investor. The presentation convinced Mr Kolla – the founder and CEO of Antik Telecom s.r.o. and the EY Technological Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 – to give Zoberma a chance and he invested 150.000 EUR into the project for a 50% stake in the company.

The success further motivated all involved and the initial desired goal of securing the funding for the project was reached within 3 months after the entry of Mundos Investments as a partner.

The role of Mundos Investments

Mundos Investments had several responsibilities to deliver on in this project, mainly to secure the funding, to develop and launch a strategy for a nationwide marketing campaign, to establish organised processes of monitoring and functioning of all financial aspects of the company, to increase the number of registered drivers and app downloads, to forge long term partnerships with local and national brands, and to establish a sustainable structure and a well-functioning organisation of the company.

After the first full year of cooperation with Mundos Investments as the partner responsible for active project and investment management, Zoberma managed to significantly increase in pretty much every metric: including app downloads by over 650%, driver registrations by over 300%, revenue by over 1.000% and even just the Instagram account increased from 50 to over 3.500 followers. Zoberma also managed to forge several lucrative partnerships along the way and sits comfortably among the top 5 taxi apps in Slovakia. It is safe to say that Mundos Investments managed to resurrect the project, establish the processes and structure for it to grow and flourish in the future, and successfully fulfilled all its promises.

With the agreed upon goals reached, Mundos Investments stepped down in April 2024 from the active management role in the project and handed the leadership back to the founder and the investor for the foreseeable future. However, it remains as a minority share holder in the company.

As we continue to forge ahead, we remain dedicated to nurturing even more success stories and shaping a brighter future for businesses worldwide.