Mundos Investments is proud to offer a diverse array of investment opportunities, with a primary focus on real estate ventures.

From residential properties to commercial developments, our portfolio encompasses a wide range of opportunities tailored to meet the needs and preferences of investors. Whether it’s investing in prime urban locations, lucrative rental properties, high-growth markets, or even a limited collectable, we provide comprehensive facilitation of negotiations and management of investments from start to finish.

Our experienced team leverages industry insights, market analysis, and strategic partnerships to identify and secure promising real estate opportunities, ensuring optimal returns and portfolio diversification for our investors.

Here are some investment opportunities in our portfolio:

A hotel in Slovakia

A boutique hotel in the centre of a historic city in Slovakia for sale

This multifaceted property offers a unique investment opportunity with its blend of historical charm and modern hospitality.

It features a cozy hotel, elegant dining areas, a vintage wine cellar and multiple luxurious rooms. Its strategic location promises residing in both style and comfort for the guests.

approx 2.000.000 EUR

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A vintage airplane

A historic but fully functional airplane for sale

Aero L-60 Brigadier is a multi-purpose, four-seater, all-metal, reinforced high-wing aircraft with a solid classic chassis. This aircraft was made in 1958.

In 2002, a complete reconstruction of the machine was carried out, so that it is currently airworthy and is used for sightseeing flights and for towing non-motorised aircrafts.

It is the only piece of this kind left in Slovakia with the original DORIS engine.

approx 700.000 EUR

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With Mundos Investments, investors can confidently navigate the complexities of the real estate market and capitalise on lucrative and exclusive investment opportunities with ease and efficiency.